Tasties Soul Food  

Tasties is a soul food restaurant located on 1214 N. 52nd St. in West Philadelphia. It is owned and operated by its lead chef, Barbara Devan, who opened the location on August 25, 2013. 

Formed in 2007, by Devan, initially in North Philadelphia, Tasties re-opened in 2012 as part of Jollies West, near 38th and Lancaster Ave., in the University City section of Philadelphia. Simultaneously, Tasties purchased its food truck, which Devan later stationed near 48th and Market Streets, during the spring and summer of 2013. 

Currently, Tasties prepares soul and comfort food, including a full-breakfast menu, Monday-Sunday, 8:00 am to close. Tasties also offers catering options suitable for your next event or banquet. 



Barbara Devan  

Philadelphia-native Barbara Devan, owns and operates Tasties restaurant, which is located on 1214 N. 52nd St., in Philadelphia, Pa. She began cooking as a youth, helping her grandmother prepare dinners for their tight-knit family, daily; in addition to assisting her mother in preparing platters to sell in her community. She credits these experiences for building her passion for cooking. 

In 2007, Devan formed the Tasties brand, and began operating in North Philadelphia; but, after a year, she decided to take time off from the business. In 2012, Devan re-established the Tasties brand by introducing it in West Philadelphia. 

Throughout the past year, Devan has built the Tasties brand from scratch, expanding it from a kitchen space in Jollies West; to having its own food truck; and, to its current store-front location, in West Philadelphia. 

Devan’s goals for Tasties is to establish it as a top-tier restaurant and destination for locals and tourists to Philadelphia. In addition, Devan wants to use her business as a tool for philanthropy and community support, by providing food for those who are less fortunate. During the summer, she provided platters for more than 500 persons, at Sister Clara Muhammad’s, for the month of Ramadan, for Iftar, the evening community meal; and every Wednesday evening she donates food on 48th Street, in West Philadelphia, near Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, to feed 125-200 persons. 

For Thanksgiving, she will close her restaurant to the public and will feed less fortunate families, from noon-3:00 pm. 


Barbara Devan - barbara@tastiesoulfood.com